Deploying Models

You can deploy SimPowerSystems models using code generated with Simulink Coder. The generated code lets you:

  • Run hardware-in-the-loop simulations by deploying SimPowerSystems plant models onto real-time processors that interface directly with other hardware
  • Build standalone executables of SimPowerSystems models that can be integrated into C programs or other MATLAB and Simulink models
  • Improve simulation speed by compiling the C code
  • Share models without exposing your intellectual property

Sharing Models

You can share SimPowerSystems models with Simscape users who have not purchased SimPowerSystems. Simscape users can view, simulate, and change parameter values in SimPowerSystems models by leveraging the Simscape Editing Modes. As a result, your team can share SimPowerSystems models with a larger group of engineers who use Simscape.

Working with SimPowerSystems Models
TaskModel Developer
(Purchases Simscape and SimPowerSystems)
Model User
(Purchases Simscape)
Log data or change visualization
Change numerical parameters
Generate code with Simulink Coder
Change block parameterization options 
Make or break physical connections 
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