SimMechanics in Academia

SimMechanics can help you teach how theory relates to system behavior. Animations produced from SimMechanics simulations illustrate a system’s motion and give students a better understanding of the laws of physics. To demonstrate how effects such as friction influence the mechanical system represented by your SimMechanics model, you can implement equations for these effects in the Simscape language.

Using simulation, your students can prototype in a virtual environment, which encourages them to try out new designs and to explore the entire parameter space. Simulation enables them to optimize their designs in research projects and student competitions.

Because SimMechanics is used widely across industries such as automotive, aerospace, and robotics, graduating students who have experience with this multibody simulation tool are in demand by employers.

Integrating Physical Systems and Controller 5:49
Detect system integration issues in simulation. Mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and control systems are gradually integrated into a full system model.

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