MATLAB Distributed Computing Server

Using MATLAB Distributed Computing Server

MATLAB Distributed Computing Server runs on a distributed computing resource, such as computers in a cluster or virtual machines in a cloud computing service. The server provides access to multiple workers (MATLAB computational engines that run independently of client sessions) that receive and execute MATLAB code and Simulink models. Multiple users can run their applications on the server simultaneously.

MATLAB and Simulink users interact with MATLAB Distributed Computing Server through Parallel Computing Toolbox. Users program parallel applications using the toolbox on their workstations. To execute programs on the server, they either initiate an interactive session or submit jobs for batch execution.

With MATLAB Compiler, MATLAB users can build standalone executables or shared libraries from parallel MATLAB programs for royalty-free distribution in desktop or Web applications. These executables and shared libraries can distribute MATLAB computations to MATLAB Distributed Computing Server workers.

Simulink users can run multiple simulations at the same time. Also, by distributing a code generation process across multiple workers, they can accelerate code generation builds for Simulink models that contain large model reference hierarchies.

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