Curve Fitting Toolbox

Key Features

  • Curve Fitting app for curve and surface fitting
  • Linear and nonlinear regression with custom equations
  • Library of regression models with optimized starting points and solver parameters
  • Interpolation methods, including B-splines, thin plate splines, and tensor-product splines
  • Smoothing techniques, including smoothing splines, localized regression, Savitzky-Golay filters, and moving averages
  • Preprocessing routines, including outlier removal and sectioning, scaling, and weighting data
  • Postprocessing routines, including interpolation, extrapolation, confidence intervals, integrals and derivatives
Surface generated using the Curve Fitting app.

Surface generated using the Curve Fitting app. The app supports a variety of fitting methods, including linear regression, nonlinear regression, interpolation, and smoothing.

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